The inspiration of nature

A chinese lion statue

Nature is a huge source of inspiration in my work. In nature even the smallest leaf has an ordered structure. Although it appears to be a random effect it is held together with an underlying strength in shape, design, balance, proportion, scale, and abstraction. There is a fine balance between order and chaos in the surrounding landscape and with this, nature shows us a beauty and energy that we can harness within the all gardens.

The essence of Earth's beauty

The essence of The Earth's beauty lies in disorder, a peculiarly patterned disorder, from the fierce tumult of rushing water to the tangled filigrees of unbridled vegetation. ' James Gleick, 'Nature's Chaos'

Garden diversity

A chinese dragon

Gardens ultimately represent people in all their diversity. These small humanised spaces are like the cells of the earth, small islands where we can aspire to understand the system of things on a much wider scale Gardens should ultimately inspire reflection and create a place where function and philosophy and man and nature can meet.

Small city spaces

Even the smallest gardens need a considered structure to hold together the design. Beauty can be prescribed in these man made spaces by focussing on the process of design and construction, and exploiting the potential of materials. It is important to have an eye for detail and practicality whilst being able to stand back and look at the wider picture. There are elements to consider in a garden such as the relationship of the house with the outside space and the integration of the garden with the wider landscape.

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School Garden

Random foliage

It's very vey special designing garden space for inquisitive children. During the spring of 2012 we created a Birch filled habitate for wildlife and fit for pupils of the Priory CofE School Wimbeldon. Read More